NPCL’s Track Record

Project Management, Evaluation Design and Management Information System Design and Development

NPCL provides national, state and local agencies with technical assistance and support  in the design, development and implementation of effective evaluation and mangement systems necessary for outcome-based projects. Our proven technical assistance will enable your agency to track and document what takes place with clients and to prepare reports for funders and boards. We assist in designing all aspects of your evaluation and management information system.

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Proven Experience in Managing and Evaluating Projects

NPCL provided project management and evaluation support for an historic ten-city national demonstration project from September 2000-December 2003. This project, The Partners for Fragile Families Site Demonstration (PFF) recruited 6000 men to participate in the experiment. The men were given assistance with child support, employment, parenting skills, relationship education, housing and health care (physical and mental). The men enrolled PFF said, 1). They benefited from the peer support and time spent in the program; 2) the program facilitated increased parent-child contact; and, 3) the program enabled them to increase their level of child support. The men also started and maintained jobs that paid family-sustaining wages. As a result of this project, testimony was provide to the United States Congress which contributed to the first funding stream to provide grants to local agencies to both expand family programs to work with fathers, or to start new programs working with men and  fathers. The staff of NPCL know how to recruit men and fathers, retain them in programs, and enhance their level of responsibilty as fathers. 

NPCL Building Strong Families and Youth Development Projects 1996 to Present

Fragile Families and Responsible Fatherhood

  • Annual responsible fatherhood and fragile families’ conference for 16 consecutive years
  • Managing organization for The Ford Foundation’s Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative
  • Managing organization for the Partners for Fragile Families Site Demonstratio
  • Managing organization in the Bay Area Partners for Fragile Families Project
  • Co-Partner in the Planning and Implementation of the Fathers At Work Demonstration
  •  Managed the National Peer Learning College on Fragile Families and Child Support
  • Lead role in passage of the first responsible fatherhood legislation by the U.S. Congress
  •  Convened an International Summit on Welfare Reform in Cape Town, South Africa
  •  Convened a Statewide Summit on Working with Incarcerated Parents
  • Conducted a National Public Conversation Series on Building Strong Families