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2010 Conference Workshop Presentations

Download dynamic workshop presentations from the 12th Annual International Fatherhood Conference, held at the Sheraton-Metairie New Orleans Hotel, June 15-18, 2010.

*Note: Downloadable Workshops available below are subject to submitted presentations from 2010 Conference Presenters. Since some presentations contain large files, be sure to hit your REFRESH button if the download delays!*

The 30 Year Evolution of Responsible Fatherhood Policy, Practice, and Research: The State of the Field in 2010 by Dr. Jeffery M. Johnson, President, Uriel Johnson, Vice President, National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL), Washington, DC

Black Fathers Involvement in the Academic Life of Their Children by Dr. Delia Richards, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC (

Changing Attitudes: The Non-Custodial Parent and the Child Support Enforcement Process by Cheryl Breaux, Christian Community Council Fill the Gap Program, Albany, LA (

More than Jobs Providing Disadvantaged Youth with Healthy Relationship and Parenting Skills as a Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Improve Child Well-Being by Stacey Bouchet, Women in Fatherhood, Inc., Washington, DC (

Redefining Sperm by Katherine Snyder, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD (

The Philadelphia Healthy Marriage Project Results: Research and Findings and Training to Tailor A Curriculum for Low Income, Minority Fathers in Phildephia’s Healthy Marriage Inititative Program by Nancy Isserman & Gil Coleman, Mayor’s Office of Community Services, Philadelphia, PA (,

Making Room for Dads in Early Head Start, Part 1 by A. Nicole Spivey, Guilford Child Development Head Start/ Early Head Start, Greensboro, NC (

Making Room for Dads in Early Head Start, Part 2 by A. Nicole Spivey

Father Involvement and Children’s Brain Development by Tomas Reyes, Head Start Knowledge and Information Services, Washington, DC (

First Comes Love by Nisa Muhammad, Women in Fatherhood, Inc., Washington, DC (

What Has Been Done, How Useful Is It, & Where Are the Gaps? by Natasha Cabrera, Department of Human Development, University of Maryland, College Park, Shawn Dove, Open Society Institute, New York, NY & Dr. Vivian Gadsden, National Center on Fathers and Families, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (,

How to Save Your Family (Before We Say I Do) by K.D. Dawsey, KD Dawsey Ministries, Centerville, GA (

The Essential Voices of Women in Responsible Fatherhood by Julia Hamilton-Hayman and Stacey Bouchet, Women In Fatherhood, Inc., Baltimore, MD (,

Readjusting Our Course: The Real Emphasis of Fatherhood by Michael Nagle, Families in Crisis, Inc., Hartford, CT (

Exploring the Experiences of Women Who Provide Direct Service to Fathers by Dr. Latrice Rollins, Women In Fatherhood, Inc., Baltimore, MD (

What Evey Father and Family Need to Know BEFORE Disaster Strikes by Elma Z. Goodwin & Leon R. McCowan, Administration for Children and Families, Region 6, Dallas, TX (

If You Build Right, They Will Come…But Plan for Renovations! by Diana Mason, Derrick Gordon & Anthony Judkins, Connecticut Department of Social Services, Hartford, CT (,

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