2009 Conference Workshop Presentations

Download our dynamic workshop presentations from the 11th Annual International Fatherhood Conference, held in Baltimore, MD at the Tremont Plaza Hotel.

What Works In Programs Serving Fathers & Families, Presenter: Jacinta Bronte, Ph.D. Child Trends, Washington, DC

Reporting on the First Two Years of the Philadelphia Healthy Marriage Project: A Research and technical assistance progeam in cooperation with the Mayor’s Office of Community Services, Presenters: Nancy Isserman, Council for Relationships, Shareef El- Amin & Gil Coleman, Mayor’s Office of Community Service, Philadelphia, PA

Rules of Engagement: Recruiting A New Generation of Fathers, Presenter: Mark A. Boss, Healthy Generations Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC

Involving Moms, Involving Dads, Presenter: Lisa Tate, National Fatherhood Initiative, Gaithersburg, MD

Father/Male Accountability: Looking For More than just a few good Men:, Presenter: Howard Wheeler, Forestdale Inc.

Healthy Marriage: Creating Lasting Family Connections(CLFC), Presenters: Teresa Strader & Chris West, Council on Prevention and & Education; Substances, Inc. (COPES), Louisville, KY

Child Support and Father-Friendly Programs: Not A Contradiction in Terms!: Presenters: Joe Jones, The Center for Urban Families, John Langrock & Debra Pontisso, Administration for Children and Families: Office of Child Support Enforcement, Washington, DC

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